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There is now an emerging industry in the UK for the use of biomass heating systems. Although commercial installations can produce the best results, the domestic biomass industry is expanding rapidly. As a result, the maufacturers of the biomass pellets is also a growing industry as more units are installed throughout the country.

Biomass can be very a very effective, and green, way of heating your home with very little consequence on the environment and a financial benefit to the consumer via the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI). This can provide a cashback grant from the government for installing a qualifying biomass system.

We have biomass installers throughout the UK who would be happy to come and speak to you about your project. To get some quotes from reputable, local, biomass installers, please just fill in the form. You will receive just one call from us to briefly discuss your objectives. After that we will do the hard work of finding the best installers in your area. It only takes a minute to fill in the form opposite and we will do the rest.


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