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There are three main types of panels: Polycrystaliline, Monochristalline, Hybrid, All Black.

There are differences between the various types of panel, that are worth knowing about but, in the end, it is the total overall power that makes the biggest difference. A 3kW system will generate a very similar amount of electricity whether it is 3kW of poly, mono, thin film or hybrid panels. The “panel efficiency” quoted by manufacturers has very little bearing on the annual generation, it just affects how much roof space is needed for the same powered system. The smaller the roof space the more efficient the panel required depending on the energy requirement.

Overall, most installers will use Poly or Monochristaline modules. The others are generally more expensive and therefore in a domestic setting would not be quite as cost efficient when taking into account the cost of installation. Solar panels are especially useful when used in conjunction with heat pumps or other electiricity hungry heating systems.

Either way, your local installer will be best placed to vist your property and conduct a survey to establish the best system for your project. Fill in the form opposite and one of our representatives will give you a brief call to enable us to select suitable installers in your area for your project.


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